Christine Rutchik

Christine’s professional concentration has solely been within the world of Outdoor Advertising. Since childhood, she has developed skills in design, photography, layout, and beyond. These skills led to an education that focused on billboard design specifically.

Christine attended Carroll University and graduated with a BS with an emphasis in Outdoor Advertising Design. Her pinpointed focus yielded an immediate internship with Clear Channel Outdoor in Milwaukee.


Within a few months, the internship became a job offer in design. Christine accepted this job, while finishing her degree. After graduation, Christine’s travels brought her to Green Bay, where she fielded job offers from the three main outdoor companies in the area. She accepted a sales-focused job with Jones Outdoor in 2006.

Christine’s love of people led her to change her prime focus from design to sales. Her background in design brings value added to her clients. She can work through an Outdoor Advertising Campaign, design the ad on her laptop, with input from clients on the fly. Her client testimonials below more than show her client's appreciation of this and her professionalism.